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Beyond Therapy: Empowering Your Mind

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About Me.

My dedication to the intricate world of psychology has been a transformative journey, molding me into a seasoned professional with a unique blend of academic rigor and hands-on expertise.

  • Comprehensive Psychometrics: Beyond foundational knowledge, I specialize in test development, advanced statistics, and ethical practices guiding assessments.

  • Statistical Insight: Proficient in intricate statistical techniques, I transform complex data into actionable insights for effective interventions.

  • Practical Assessment Skills:

    • Diverse Assessments: Experienced in a wide range of standardized tests across age groups and psychological domains.

    • Tailored Interventions: I craft personalized strategies based on assessment outcomes, addressing individual needs holistically.

    • Collaborative Approach: I value teamwork, collaborating with educators, therapists, and families to enhance assessment precision and intervention outcomes.

  • Continuous Growth: Committed to ongoing learning, I stay updated with the latest in psychometric research and practices.

  • Research & Ethics: Actively involved in research, I bridge theoretical concepts with practical applications, always prioritizing ethical conduct and individual well-being.

  • Career Versatility: My skills are versatile, positioning me for roles in organizational assessments, educational consulting, human resources, and impactful research.

Educational & Professional Milestones:

  • BSoc Sci Hons (Psychology) SACAP: My academic pursuit at SACAP was a transformative phase, equipping me with a holistic grasp of psychology's intricacies, from foundational theories to advanced therapeutic modalities.

  • Practical Psychometry Program (UJ): This rigorous program fortified my psychometric capabilities, positioning me for professional excellence and certification as a trusted psychometrist.

Driven by a passion for understanding the human psyche, I am poised to leverage my expertise, experience, and empathy to empower individuals, guiding them towards holistic well-being and transformative growth.


  • BA Health and Social Science with specialisation in psychological counselling

  • BSoc Sci Honors (Psychology) SACAP

  • HIV/ Aids Care and Counselling

  • (2010) HR Skills Development Assesor (Inseta)

  • (2012) First Aid Level 1 and 2

  • ASCHP Specialist Wellness Counsellor Registered (SWC19/520)

  • UJ (2023) Successfully completed with distinction the Practical Psychometry Program which ran for 6 months duration

  • (2023) Psychomterist HPCSA Registration 

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MONDAY - FRIDAY 08:30 am- 15:30 pm

 SATURDAY 09:30 am-13:00 pm



37 Brunsfelsia Avenue 


Tel: 082 699 2256


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School readiness

Prepare your child for academic success with our School Readiness Assessment, a comprehensive evaluation designed to assess key developmental areas essential for a smooth transition to formal education. Tailored for children entering preschool or kindergarten, this assessment evaluates foundational skills such as cognitive abilities, language development, social-emotional competence, and fine and gross motor skills. By identifying your child's strengths and areas for growth, our School Readiness Assessment provides valuable insights and personalized recommendations to support their readiness for school, ensuring they embark on their educational journey with confidence, enthusiasm, and a strong foundation for learning and growth.

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At Beyond Therapy, we specialize in providing comprehensive concession assessments 


Unlock Your Mind's Potential with Our Cognitive Assessments! Tailored insights for students, professionals, and healthcare providers. Discover strengths, pinpoint areas for growth, and thrive with personalized recommendations. Dive in now for a brighter future.

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At Beyond Therapy, we specialize in comprehensive aptitude assessments designed to illuminate individuals' innate abilities, strengths, and potential. Our scientifically validated assessments serve as a strategic tool for academic and career planning, providing valuable insights that inform personalized development pathways. By leveraging the power of aptitude assessments, Beyond Therapy equips individuals with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to navigate their educational and professional journeys successfully. Partner with us to unlock your potential and embark on a path to success

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Navigate Your Career Path with Confidence! Our Career Assessments offer tailored insights to align your strengths with opportunities. Discover your true potential and embark on a journey to professional success. Begin your assessment today.


Master the Art of Learning! Join our Study Skills Workshop for proven strategies, personalized support, and academic excellence. Elevate your study game and unlock your true academic potential. Enroll now for a brighter learning journey!

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